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Is it ever to late to birth new aspirations, to step away from aspects of your current life and start realizing new goals?  I don’t think so.  In fact, I would assert that it’s never too late!  Some of the most interesting people I know are those who keep reinventing themselves, learning new things, wearing new hats.  Approaching life this way keeps us humble, mentally limber.  If we act on our aspirations, even, at first, to an extent that might be outwardly imperceptible, regret becomes less and less a part of our sphere of living.

Do I have regrets?  Despite some substantial handfuls of what some might consider “mistakes,” my answer is a resounding, “No.”    My crew is happy and healthy.  There is so much love in our home.  I’m planting new fruit trees and grafting (new skill!) to established ones, writing a show, learning new things.  According to one highly critical overly vocal Korean mother, that’s not good enough.  But according to the standards set by moi, life is good.  I’m going to share with you how you can tell for sure -if you find yourself stamping your feet, clapping clapping your hands, and singing all over the house all through the day for no reason, there’s some blessed contentment brewing within!  You are especially lucky if you have a husband who doesn’t find those behaviors annoying.

I have a post + video tutorial on the Sizzix blog today that’s all about aspirations – a gift set for loved ones young and old who ought to write down all their ideas for the future, be they big or small, already set in motion, or in their infancy.

VivianKehAspirationsBox_HiRes_BBut here on my own blog I’ll share with you that while I made this aspiration box with someone special in mind, I just may make one for myself!  Putting your thoughts down in writing makes your dreams tangible, just a bit more real, puts you in the mindset to take action, and keeps them private when you’re still feeling tender and vulnerable about sharing them with anyone else.

To learn more about my project and to view the video, I hope you’ll visit me on the Sizzix Blog today!


2 thoughts on “Aspirations

  1. Love the effect of the ink colors & the embossing together…Yum!! You know, mothers don’t actually know everything…especially if what they “know” is counter to what YOU have set for your life’s tempo. I imagine you know better than even your Mom if that is working for you. You seem to be very adapt at setting the rythym of your day. So, I say, clap, sing, garden and create to your delite…! 😉 ~ Terry Y.
    PS. Don’t show this to mom. She may know where I live…

  2. Vivien, this is so true…we all have to be inventing ourselves always so that we don’
    t get too comfy and then stagnate. I have been thinking about this a lot and find that if I have two choices, usually the better choice for me is the hard one… not that I always choose it. It seems the bigger risks you take, the bigger the payoff… Love your post and PROJECT- it’s amazing! Great video too 🙂 Your fan Eileen

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