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Remember This One?

Hello, friends!  I hope you’ve been well.  What’s new with me?  I’ve been working on yet another draft of my one act play, and boy oh boy, muddling through some unpleasant notes gave me a such a nasty headache that by late afternoon, I threw up my hands, popped an Aleve, and escaped to the garden.  Doggies loved that idea!  Other subsequent activities that brought me back into balance – fashioning my finally ripe persimmons into a delicious pudding dessert, then eating my husband’s chicken pot pie, then finishing off the night with said dessert.  YUM!

In the midst of rewrites, I have found some crafty escape time as well.  Today at Clearsnap, I return to a technique that’s an oldie but definitely a goodie to craft a pretty set of Valentine’s cards.

VivianKehSweetValentines_HiResBThose of you who have stamped for awhile can recognize this technique, I’m sure.  If you aren’t familiar with how this effect was achieved, then yippee!  I get to introduce you to a fun way to stamp. What’s especially cool about these projects above is that all of these variations in color came from one, yes, I said, “ONE,” compact product – a ColorBox Petal Point!

I hope you’ll stop by the Clearsnap Blog to find out more.


Studio 112 – Clear Stamp
Alphabet Stamps

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