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Love is Patience

So I recently had a really lame writing day. I won’t get into the details, but I will say that I’m learning some very tough lessons, and I’m still, STILL, at the very beginning of the process of building that tough writer’s skin.  That night, I flipped on the TV to find an episode of Master Chef Junior playing.  I’d never seen it before.  But I had seen its host, Gordon Ramsay, repeatedly flip out on other TV programs.  But that night, he wasn’t what kept me glued to the TV.  It was these young contestants – they were completely captivating.  No acting, emotionally raw, a fierce desire to win.  In the challenge I tuned into, they had paired up and were required to tag team create a sushi boat.  One would prepare while the other would instruct and they’d switch roles every minute.  One team in particular, an older boy and a significantly younger one, stole my heart because they were completely patient with each other, encouraging, tender even, and just collaborated together spectacularly.  Even though they didn’t win the challenge, you could tell that each child was really proud of what he had done and how he had conducted himself.  It was so sweet.  Various contestants would say, “I’m confident,” throughout the challenge, and you could tell that this experience was, in fact, building their self-esteem.

There was a pair of girls who pretty much failed on the collaborative part of the challenge.   The yelling and lack of compassion caused both of them to stumble, and by the time they met with the judges, they were emotional wrecks.  This futile back and forth reminded me of my own inner dialogue that day, and how no one was responsible for my sad and sorry stroll down Self Pity Lane but me.

I thought of the two adorable boys who ultimately didn’t win the challenge.  They had been patient with each other, they had respected one another, and because of that they felt like winners.  And in our eyes, they really were the winners of that challenge.  What did I get from this show?  In managing relationships with others, and when we manage our own perceptions of ourselves, how important it is to be kind to ourselves, and patient.

It became clear to me that in the midst of conflict with others or conflict that is entirely within, how we talk to each other and how we talk to ourselves, determines a positive result.  When you are in the business of offering up your most personal creations, written or otherwise, for others to judge, managing that inner dialogue becomes so dang important!  Be patient, loving, and encouraging, with others, with yourself.  Thanks, Gordon Ramsay.  I wasn’t expecting to learn anything from your show today.


So my crafting session became all about loving yourself, not in the way that folks indulge themselves in our frighteningly narcissistic selfie culture do it.  That’s not at all what I’m talking about.  While crafting, that well-known phrase, “Love is patience,” became my mantra.   I have a video tutorial to go with – please stop by the Sizzix Blog today to see it!

Alphabet Stamps

3 thoughts on “Love is Patience

  1. Thank you for an honest observation and how to apply it to ourselves and others. I loved it. And, your art project is fabulous. Loved the colors and text.

  2. Love your tag. The colors are beautiful. It was nice reading your story on patience. I wish everyone had more patience in our daily lives (especially on the road).

  3. Boy did your thoughts on “Love is Patience” really hit home with me! Husband and I just moved our household and are trying to get settled – conflicts have been on the rise since packing began and are culminating now in the confusion of the radical changes in our lives. We’re both under a great deal of stress due to some life changes and I’ve felt very guilty about the way I’ve reacted toward him. Thank you so much for your observances and gentle advice about love and patience – it has truly helped.

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