Simple Jewelry

Hello, my friends!  I hope your summer is going well.  As you may know from the plethora of dog pix in my social media postings, my brother’s yellow lab, Lucy, is staying with us this summer.  That makes us quite the motley crew, hubbie and I trotting around the neighborhood with our three pooches in tow – large, medium and extra small!   I’ve been loving on Lucy, brushing her (OMG does she shed!) and massaging her aching back daily, preparing her homemade food, giving her healthy brisk walks (she needs to lose some weight), and appreciating the dog that she is.  Her loving gaze is really something else, causing me to believe that she actually is an angel in dog form.  Since her hind legs won’t get her upstairs, she sleeps on the ground floor, and when I come down to greet her in the morning, chubster is so ecstatic that she does this clumsy, incredibly heavy bunny hop while making figure eights through and around my legs – very entertaining.   It’s so very gratifying to see how deeply this city dog is enjoying being outdoors, awakened and invigorated by the myriad scents and sounds.  And when I’m sad, she comes immediately to lick the tears off my face and nudge me back from the depths – incredibly intuitive and just amazing, dogs are.  I keep telling myself that this is her “Spa Getaway.”   Knowing that she will go back at some point, this helps me not to get too attached.  While on our morning walk, though, I’m already getting teary anticipating her return to the city.

While I’ve been caught up with our furry visitor, I have still had time to putter around my studio!  In anticipation of a visit from my crafty buddy, Gwen, I actually gave it a decent cleaning and got about 90% organized.  Then I pulled out some Vintaj tools from Sizzix to make myself a necklace for everyday wear!  I’d made earrings before, and felt ready to take on this slightly more involved project.


While I am by no means experienced with jewelry making, I must say that these tools from Vintaj make my foray in the world of handmade jewelry much less intimidating!  I will totally wear this, and I like the result so much that I even feel inspired to try my hand at another.  Definitely exercises my crafty mind in a different way, cultivating new handskills, and that is always a good thing!  My hands were actually sweating learning to manipulate pliers lol!

Stop by the Sizzix Blog to have a closer look see.


One thought on “Simple Jewelry

  1. Beautiful necklace! Love it. Lucy is so lucky to have someone like you for her Spa Getaway. I agree, there is such a look of love in their eyes. Sounds like you are already attached :-))

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