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Celebrating Simple Texture

So I spent a few days in my studio, persisting despite a complete lack of mojo.  In fact, in the spread of about a week, this feeling of being stuck had spread throughout the various departments of my life.  I’d been making serious effort to take good care of myself, eating well, exercising.  And still, my body began to threaten me – my head started to throb, my back began to scream.  Finally, I was in such pain that I could do nothing but step away from the many unsuccessful half finished projects strewn across my table.

I won’t trouble you with the details here today, but let me just say that despite the crafty frustration, I made a wonderful realization – my body speaks.  She won’t let me ignore personal matters, nor will she allow me to squelch sadness, as I have been wont to do. When I fail to muster the goods that will help me grow spiritually, she’ll slap me hard, force me to stop what I’m doing and listen – it’s a very tough love.  I paid attention this time, allowed myself a good cry, and took the time and effort to work through it/detoxify.  Once I felt better, I came back to my table and started fresh.  I stuck with white this time, celebrating simple texture.

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_1To start, I embossed a beautiful background with a Sizzix “Waves” Embossing Folder (the Sizzix Sandwich at Tab 1, cardstock inside your embossing folder and then placed between your Cutting Pads.)

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_2Mmm yummy.

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_3Then I die-cut some fabulous coral shapes from my number one favorite collection this summer the  Seaweed, Coral & Wave  Thinlits Set, and used them to decorate a small panel.  For these gorgeous dies, your Sizzix sandwich is die and cardstock between your cutting pads and then placed atop your magnetic or multi-purpose platform.

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_4Clearsnap Glue Gloss, 4ml, Clear from has a handy small applicator that helps me adhere detailed die-cuts like these.

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_5Using stamps and dies from the Framelits Die/Stamp “Banners” set by Sharyn Sowell, I added a sentiment which speaks to what I really needed to do this week!VivianKehWhitewashedCard_6The Magnetic Platform really comes in handy when centering stamped images/sentiments inside a die!

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_BI just love how textures shine when you stay monochromatic like this.

VivianKehWhitewashedCard_HiResThanks for stopping by, friends!  Cheers to taking the time to listen to our bodies!  Cheers to how wonderful it feels to breathe deeply ahhhhhh!  And cheers to a refreshing return to the crafting table!






6 thoughts on “Celebrating Simple Texture

  1. Please do take care of yourself. I’ve missed your posts but have enjoyed the pics from your garden. This card is wonderful. I love white on white and now need the coral, seaweed and wave die. Oh, my. Now rest up.

  2. Vivien, for all of us who have come to love you, your art and your pups, just breathe. Perhaps you could place little “just breathe” reminders all around your house. Know, too, that many of us include you in our prayers. So, my internet friend, just breathe…

  3. I suffer from Chronic Exhaustion and find myself meandering into the artroom looking for inspiration on the energy level to get crackin! It has not happened much this month, except to rejoice that I have stash to draw from. Its hard to have the “want to” but not the “can do.” Its a season in life where I am learning to lean on the Lord to quiet my anxiety regarding the fatigue. I have nothing else to draw from that is as concrete as His truth. I love your creations Vivian and they do inspire me to create when I can. Thanks for sharing yourself.

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