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Memories… in a Book or on the Wall?

I go through periods where I enjoy scrapbooking, but there are times when it feels kind of sad having put a nice chunk of work into a layout only to have it sit in a closed book, or more likely, filed away in a drawer.  I know many of you are avid and amazing scrapbookers.  I wonder if you ever feel badly putting away your work after having so lovingly and beautifully documented your memory.  When I was single and struggling in Los Angeles, I had photos and artwork on all my walls – appreciating them daily made me happy.  And if I didn’t have the means to frame them (which was the case most of the time), heck, I’d just thumbtack those suckers up haha!  Since moving up to the Bay Area with my now spouse (I won’t divulge how long ago that was!!!), I have been planning on adorning our walls with beautiful things.  But a big part of that plan was to FIRST paint the walls.  Thanks to my very temperamental spine and hubbie’s resistance to hiring somebody (who will probably “do it wrong”), that plan has stuttered for quite some time 😦  But I’m starting to realize that I may have just gotten the sequencing of my plan all wrong, and that we just need to do it!  Yes, the walls are imperfect.  Some of them are downright hideous!  But stuff needs to go up.  And so it shall!

Anyway, I am narrowing my field of vision at this very moment onto a softly tinted wall that’s begging for some love.  And I’m especially pleased because I have just crafted something to be displayed on said wall which will bring back wonderful memories every time I see it.  I picked up a heavily discounted frame a few days ago, like five bucks, folks!  I got three of them, in fact.  And after my last session in the studio, I’ve got a bunch of summer memories neatly displayed in one of them aw yeah boyeee!

Time to start working on the second frame – I am thinking of documenting a recent visit from my brother’s family, and will share the results with you shortly!


FYI all the paper pieces were cut from ONE single adorable die!!!  I hope you’ll stop by the Sizzix Blog today to see the video for this one!


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