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Showcasing Our Beloved Furry Ward

This summer has been so much fun.  Even muddling through some of the most difficult reading (research for a writing project) I’ve ever encountered hasn’t been that bad thanks to regular cuddle breaks from Lucy.  I keep telling my husband what a “DAWG” she is, meaning she gets into just about everything.  While on our walks, she shoves her head into every shrub we pass – hunting for lizards has developed into an obsession :-/.  And in my garden, well… we won’t get into that.  Suffice it to say I’ve just accepted that due to the daily trampling, a handful of plants just aren’t going to make it.  Despite some frenzied behaviors, I’m completely smitten – this city dog derives so much joy from the outdoors.  It makes me feel good watching her have such a good time.

Did you catch my first framed collage on the Sizzix Blog?  Well I just finished the second of three, a celebration of LUCY (!!!) and it couldn’t have been easier.


In addition to the Photo Frame die-cuts from my first project, I used this Heartfelt Bigz Die with more of the same paper scraps to die-cut a bunch of hearts in different shapes and sizes.   Sandwich a piece of cardstock or two or three along with your Bigz die between a pair of cutting pads and you’re set.  A few passes through my Sizzix Big Shot and I had all the die-cuts I would need for this project.

VivianKehLucyFrame_2I simply adhered all these lovely hearts to an 8×10 piece of white cardstock, then centered three photo frames of Lucy on a strip of ribbon which goes down the center.

VivianKehLucyFrame_ACan you see the size comparison between Pupusa and Lucy in the last shot?!  I’m psyched that I’m using up my scraps!   And since both collages pull from the same batch of scraps, they coordinate!

P.S.  I noticed that the site is out of stock on this particular photo frame, AND  that the packaging doesn’t match the die exactly.  Mine says “Love,” but the packaging says “This.”  Sizzix is working on resolving the confusion.  But in the meantime, I hope you’ll check out the other photo frames in the same collection, including the FAV Photo Frame, and the Blank Photo Frame.

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