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Making Do with a Bare Minimum, and Loving the Results!

Hello, friends!  I’m writing this post from our home away from home – Las Vegas!  This year, I decided to travel with an absolute bare minimum of supplies, in part because we needed to make room in the car for our large furry ward, Lucy the Yellow Lab, and in part, because I was working in the yard almost until the very last minute trying to get it ready for our absence (oh my aching back)!  So I decided to make life easy for myself and travel light.  I actually brought NO media – no inks, no paints, no mists, nada! After our exhausting drive, I stepped into my studio with a Halloween-y embossing folder and dies I had brought along, and it finally set in that I really did have absolutely no media to work with.  So I made a quick trip to the store with my “Frugal Crafter” cap on, and ended up picking up just one single set of Mini Distress Inks!

VivianKehHalloweenCards_AAww yeah boyeee!  I was so pleased with the colorful results – you’d never know how little I had to work with.  I love crafting here – even though it’s smaller and I have less to work with, knock on wood, the mojo pretty much flows abundantly here!  To see a photo heavy tutorial for these, please visit me on the Sizzix Blog today!

I think I’m going to use the leftover pieces to create a few more simple projects.  Hope to share them with you soon!


White and Black Cardstock
Mini Distress Ink Set – Ranger

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