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Free Shipping on $35! My Top Picks

Hi folks,

I just want to pop in quickly this Sunday to let you know about a great opportunity to pick up Sizzix product you may have been holding in your wishlist.  I always always always try to hold out for free shipping deals om anything I buy online haha.  Sometimes it’s free shipping only if you spend a crazy amount of money.  And alas, my dearest fruit tree suppliers never offer such deals.   But today only, Sizzix has free shipping on just $35.  So if you want to order some of those product you’ve had on your wishlist, go ahead and treat yourself today!

Over the last few months I’ve found that the following items would be great tools to have in my studio FOR ALWAYS…

VivianKehLucyFrame_2This Bigz Heartfelt Die cuts a huge variety of heart shapes in one pass, and of course, it’s a Bigz, so it will cut through several sheets of cardstock, felt, fun foam (for down and dirty homemade stamps!) the list goes on.

VivianKehPeteHughesCards_AHiResI love the Regal Owl Die from Pete Hughes for completely different reasons.  It’s very specific, very delicate, and IMO, absolutely gorgeous.  I love the clef note tail on it.  While I’ve done an easy splattering technique with these cards, I could see this die used for completely different but no less spectacular results on gold foil, or on kraft for a more masculine or clean look.  Or even a really cool Halloween Card.


Before I sign off, I’d like to point out two more STAPLE dies that I think every papercrafter ought to have.  First, a larger format Bigz L Tag Die, 6 in.  x 8 3/4 in.  Great for its named use, but also for mini albums, grounding elements in layouts, simply decorated and then tied to a large goodie basket that you’ll give away for the holidays.  Heck, use it in place of a card this Christmas.


The last item that I think would be a great studio STAPLE is this Banner, Big Bigz Die above.  Just pop a few holes in your project once it’s done, string some ribbon through it, and it is ready to hang in just the right spot.  And of course, it’s a Bigz with all the wonderful capabilities that Bigz dies possess.  Or die-cut several in one pass to get your party banner done quickly!

I hope you’ll browse the site a bit, and maybe keep in mind product that you haven’t been able to find at your local craft store.  I rarely prepare this type of post, but maybe I should more often!  Especially when there’s such a great free shipping deal to take advantage of.  So if you’re in the mood to do some crafting today, click on any of the above links to get onto the site and do some shopping with a lovely Sunday cuppa joe.

Happy crafting!





3 thoughts on “Free Shipping on $35! My Top Picks

  1. THANK YOU, thank you for this free shipping alert and top picks posting!! Yes, I think it’s the first post like this that I’ve seen from you, but it is most appreciated. I love the projects you posted–so colorful and inspiring! I’m off to check out the Sizzix site, especially that Hearts Bigz die… been on my wish list ever since I saw you use it in a recent posting!

  2. thanks for the free shipping advice…I can see my credit card getting a work out 🙂 and all your ideas are just Stunning and provide so much inspiration I’m not sure if I can limit the must have to just these beauties.

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