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Autumn and Bokeh, a Good Thing

When I picked up my local Vegas newspaper this morning, I was greeted by a beautiful photograph of a family of Aspens in Mount Charleston just starting to turn color.  Apparently, the patchwork of color there will come into its full splendor shortly.  So now I’ve begun anxiously rubbing my palms together in anticipation of making a visit to Mount Charleston to see how autumn manifests up there, AND I’ve been inspired to do some autumn crafting!  As you may know if you’ve been following me here on my blog, I have been working with a minimum of supplies… and loving it!  It’s the same with theater – I often find that the less funds available, the more innovative the show.  Productions I’ve loved the most have thrown something absolutely beautiful together with a minimum of sets, costumes, relying on the audience’s imagination and the actors’ abilities to transport us into their world and take us on their journey!

But I digress.  Did you catch my last project for Sizzix?  Here it is if, by chance you missed it.

VivianKehHalloweenCards_AAnd thank you, by the way, for all the lovely comments on the Sizzix Blog!!!  I was so happy about that!  AND, if you were interested in the products used, FYI Tim’s Halloween/Autumn Collection is available on the site now including the Hocus Pocus die which was used for the bats.  But whoa mamma the products are selling out quickly, so if it’s sold out, I’d think any reputable LSS will carry this super hot collection, too.

After seeing that photo of the Aspens, I went scurrying into my studio, and my die-cut leftovers from the project above were still strewn across the table.  I had used the twiggy branch dies from the Fall Foliage set to make stamps for the eerie backgrounds above.  But I hadn’t yet touched all the lovely leaves.

VivianKehAutumnBokeh_BSo to wring as much use out of my paper scraps as possible, I reached for my handy Magnetic Platform to make sure the leaf dies would stay in place atop my already very cut up paper pieces.

VivianKehAutumnBokeh_B1Using the die-cuts as a mask on one card, I created a bokeh effect by tapping pigment ink all around the die-cuts, as you can see above, making sure to get into those corners.  I used a few wonderful blending tools from a Loew-Cornell 4-Piece Wedge Style Stix Set along with White Pigment Ink to bring out the leaf shapes and create the bokeh.

VivianKehAutumnBokeh_B2A PITT Artist Pen in White with its nice firm nib helped me soften the edges of the leaves, integrate a more opaque white  just at the edge, and still keep everything very soft.


I also used the negative space in the die-cut left-overs to create a second card.  I think this one was a bit more successful in that it was significantly easier, faster, the style lines simpler and so easier to distinguish.


As a final touch, I stamped a few words which come to mind when I think of autumn.  It’s my favorite time of year – everything about it – the colors, the smells, the textures, the sounds.  What amazes me most of all is that while this change of season never comes as a surprise, its arrival always fills me with the most intense sense of wonder.  How about you?  Do you love autumn as much as I do?  Have the changes in season already begun where you are?  If they have, I hope you take a moment to appreciate it! So good for the soul.


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