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Home Decor on the Fly

Things are definitely cooling down here in Vegas.  Nearly hairless Pupusa has got a sweater on for most of our days…


Our thickly coated black cocker Mabu always runs hot so he’s comfortable now…


and Lucy the yellow lab gets a cozy blanket every night to keep her delicate joints warm…


It’s so funny looking at the huge mound her huge body makes under the blanket lol!  And me?  I have terrible body temperature regulation – hot cold hot cold, and it’s getting so bad that I’m starting to wonder if I’m going through an early… life-change, shall I call it?  Which would be lame if that went on for years like it did for my mom, but really really cool if it didn’t lol.

I’ve been trying to get this place organized and also start finally slapping some stuff up on our walls.  Yes, this home, too, has sadly had absolutely bare walls for way way way too long!  I didn’t want to break the bank with professionally framed original artwork, and this was part of the reason the walls have remained bare for as long as they have.  But I’m proud to announce that finally I got some fast, affordable, and most importantly MAKE ME HAPPY pieces up on the walls.  And wow, I’m now remembering what it feels like each time you walk by something you love that is hanging in your home – immediate, tangible happy makers!?  It’s kind of crazy to think how something so simple can brighten your day.   I will blog a few of those projects this month.

Before sharing more, I just want to explain the relative quiet here on the blog.  We are trying to get ready to take an actual trip, yes an honest to gosh vacation.  We really haven’t gone on a vacation in 4-5 years, mostly because we couldn’t find a live-in pet-sitter that we were both happy with and that was available when we wanted to travel.  But it looks like it’s going to work out aw yeah boyee!  We are just about ready – my hard-working husband really deserves and needs to unplug, and I’m so looking forward to spending quality time together.

Finally, I have a trio of projects to share with you today.  Oh they were so fast.  And oh, they didn’t require any extraordinary amount of finesse in the studio.


I will happily announce that these didn’t break the bank.  In fact, the frames had been picked up for a few dollars each about a year ago and had been sitting in a cabinet, waiting for some love.  And the “artwork” was created using a lovely assortment of Sizzix dies.   Our guest room, which was painted a vibrant avocado-like green awhile back, is where these will be hung.   Knowing in advance where they’d go, I made sure to include some luminous greens in my creations so that they’d coordinate.

I hope you’ll visit me on the Sizzix Blog today to see my full tutorial.


5 thoughts on “Home Decor on the Fly

  1. Vivian I must have missed something somewhere in time but I thought you were living in Northern California now….but this post is from Vegas…..I know, I know, but I am nosey……lol…….Just wondering….Hope your vacation is great and that hubby has a good rest…I do, however, miss your videos…..greedy girl that I am…

  2. LOL Noooooooooooooooooooooo you can’t leave those sweeties behind!!! Pupusa looks so darn cute in her sweater!!! If only I had known you needed a pet-sitter… ok now I have to head over to Sizzix to see your tutorial. Have a wonderful time on vacation; heaven knows you both deserve a great time off from everything but each other!!!

    • thank you, willow! we just got back and oh my word how we did miss our babies. we couldn’t have had a more loving sitter – she even let Lucy the yellow lab on the bed, which means hoisting her up and lifting her down. we went on a cruise, which was a first for us. i thought i had beat the motion sickness after the first day at sea, but lucky me. now that we’re on land, i’ve totally got post-cruise vertigo. praying that this subsides soon :-0

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