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Changing Tastes

Before I met the hubbie, he painted all, and I mean ALL the walls of the Vegas house tan.  A pretty dark tan.   Some might call it dreary.  And then for the family room, he got a sofa and love seat to match, and they are also tan… so much tan.  Tan sofa against a tan wall – can you picture it?  Does it make you wince?  For someone like me, who is a total homebody and whose interests really revolve around color, it was kind of a big deal.  For our first few years or married life, I quietly and privately moped about it haha.  But the expanse of walls that he had painted himself was so huge and high – I mean it was a gargantuan back-breaking task – that we both agreed the color is here to stay for the foreseeable future. Oh, if only we had met just a few months earlier. I would have been able to advise lol.

Well, folks, on this visit to our Vegas home, I don’t know what happened, what kind of shift occurred in my consciousness, but I’m starting to like it!  Mostly because I think I finally know how I can work with it!  It’s the perfect backdrop that will work with a bolder, more saturated palette throughout the house (But I’m still not a fan of the matching sofas 🙂 not pictured ).  So I’m going to roll with some fun splashes of color, and add some DIY decor that encapsulates what our time here is all about!


I picked up this sofa a long time ago when I lived in Los Angeles.  It’s totally scratched up from the pets, but I’m planning on reconditioning the leather so it’s almost as good as new!  For now, pillows and throws help cover the wear and tear.  Over the past year, I picked up a few throw pillows that I like because of their patterns, colors, motifs, and textures.  To be honest, I’m not so hot about the owl pillows right now, but I’m really liking the indigo blue against the dark brown leather.  These pillows got my crafty gears moving and served as an inspirational starting point for the projects I’m sharing today.

I pulled out patterned paper designs from a whole bunch of manufacturers to find a combination of colors and patterns that made me happy and that might go with.


It’s rare that I remember one particular patterned paper out of the myriad designs that are out there.  But there is one!  It’s from Basic Grey’s PB & J Collection.  I loved it since the day it was released and I wish I could have piles and piles of just that one design.  See the multicolored blossoms above?  That one.  I would go nuts over a fabric version scaled for curtains or to reupholster an old chair!!!  Anyway, I thought of it when looking at my pillows and decided to finally use the small amount of it that I owned and had been hoarding.  Why?  Because I’ll be able to look at it every day on my wall!


Swoon…  So I’m really excited about this new Banners Framelits Set from Sizzix.  There are a whopping 16 banner dies in this set, and they go as small as I would have any need for them to go and large enough to make big, bold banners for the holidays!


Using my Sizzix Big Shot, I die-cut banner shapes in a range of the smaller sizes so that I could nest some of my favorite patterned papers that coordinate with what we’ve got going on in that room right now.


Then I die-cut some awesome letters using the new XL Alphabet Billboard Die and my new favorite crafting supply – cork.  The style of alphas on this Bigz die is clean and elegant and are perfect for wordage in our front room!


I arranged my banner shapes and die-cut cork letters on a white background.  At this point, I knew I was going to be pleased with the final result.  I adhered the pieces and then set the creation in a store-bought frame that I had purchased during a 2 for 1 sale at Aaron Brothers.   FYI, they often have 3 for 1 sales there, too!!!


Man, am I going to have to get a fancy set-up to photograph framed work?  It was really tough to get a shot of my frames on the wall, I don’t know how to do it 😦 so I just cropped the frame – sorry guys!


Oh what the heck, I have to share even if it isn’t photographed well.  This summer, we’ve been blessed to care for the sweetest dog, my brother’s yellow lab, Lucy.  I feel like this city dog has blossomed in many ways, having her favorite things like grass, ponds, ducks, crickets, and a pool to enjoy here 24/7.  Pupusa and Mabu also swam quite a bit, but Lucy was really in a frenzy about it haha!  This summer was all about swimming and playing together and I just loved every second of it – I swear I must have been a dog in another life.   So I chose words that epitomize what we treasure about our time here.

The largest banner dies in this set can be used with Sizzix’s newest die-cutting machine, the Sizzix Big Shot Plus.


This guy has a 9 inch width and will accommodate all the dies, but in particular, the larger dies and die sets being released at Sizzix as well as some large scale embossing folders.  You must check them out.   A Big Shot Plus and a starter set of this Banner Die Set would make a killer holiday gift for your significant crafty other… just sayin’.


Lovely!  As we are hosting my husband’s very large extended family for Christmas, I’m going to use this size die to make an extra festive holiday banner this year and use the eclips2 Electronic Die-cutting Machine to die-cut large letters for it.  But I digress.  I wanted to put a short but meaningful phrase on a single, large banner piece.  So I went through my stash of papers and found a random combination of patterns that felt homey and rustic.


I die-cut some more alphas for my quote.


The composition needed just a little more flair, so I die-cut a flower from the Fall Flowers Bigz Die w/ Bonus Textured Impressions Embossing Folder.

VivianKehSingleBanner_4I made use of the bonus embossing folder to add some texture to my flower.

VivianKehSingleBanner_5And now I have a smaller framed piece that will go well in a smaller nook.


And so my fervor over DIY home decor crafts continues here on the blog.  More to come shortly, some of which is really juicy on the media!



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