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A Simple Life with Dogs

If you follow me anywhere on the web, you know I am bonkers over dogs.  My dogs, my friends’ dogs, strangers’ dogs.  I try my best to be self aware, and I am aware that my love for them continues to grow, like exponentially :-/

Is that a bad thing?  All I know is that I thoroughly enjoy not just their company, but doing things to make their lives better – this includes preparing really good food for them.  I enjoy keeping them in good physical shape – this includes full body massages for each one, hearty walks, playtime in the yard.  Mental stimulation – we’ve got games we play, like hide and seek – Lucy goes nuts over that one.  I enjoy making less than one skein sweaters for our chilly little pup, Pupusa – that entire process is a total hoot!  Mabu, my now grey bearded black dog, has the sweetest, goofiest, gruntiest way of accepting and giving affection.  I love watching how he trots on our walk – it’s the gait of a really happy dog.  My furries provide me with a huge dose of daily laughter, just by their very being.  Just by their very being, they also teach me how to savor every moment, every little thing.  I know how they feel and vice versa – there are no miscommunications.  If they trip and fall, get a little hurt, they simply shake it off.  They literally shake off their hurt and move on to the next amazing wonderful fantastic thing in life.  Wouldn’t it be nice to do that in our own lives, every time we got a little hurt?  I love dogs. I lurve them.  I loave them.  I’m so grateful for this simple life with dogs that my husband and I get to live.

This winter, I found a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and of course, for just a few bucks, I had to acquire it!  Now I’m ready to use it with doggie biscuit recipes from a book I own and with recipes that I’ve pinned. I also found a larger labrador silhouette cookie cutter which I’ll be using to make cookies for the hoomans (so they don’t feel left out).  FYI I’m laughing really hard while I write this post – it’s so silly and so totally true.  Last month, I also picked up some doggie themed patterned papers.  So I thought I’d share some papercrafted packaging for those homemade doggie treats on the Sizzix Blog today.


I hope you’ll take a minute to visit me there!


P.S. Are you thinking to yourself that I’ve lost my mind, that I’ve gone off the deep end for dogs?  If so, you’re probably right hahaha!

3 thoughts on “A Simple Life with Dogs

  1. LOL. . . thought I was reading a message from my daughter. . . she will hang up a call if she sees a dog walking so she can have a conversation with the dog. . . .so glad there are people (dog lovers) like you in the world. . . sure makes it a better place.

  2. So nice to “meet” a like-minded person. I can follow you all the way. I fond dogs being a treasure. And like you find it important to cook healthy food, to give them mental stimulation. Long walks etc etc. They deserve the very best. I also love that they always receive you when coming home the same way. They are never grumpy, annoyed, angry… True pleasure handling dogs.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
    Hugs from Monica….

  3. You are just too funny but it is so good to hear you laugh. I laughed right along with you. I love dogs also. Have a cat right now that was left to me but I love her to. She is so full of attitude. My son had 2 Rottweilers but we lost one last spring and it broke my heart. The other was so sad till recently. But if she is in the car, I have to try and calm her before getting in and then she still tries to practically climb in my lap. All 100 lbs of her and you are right. She lifts my heart right thru the roof. Hugs to you for the compassionate person you are!

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