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Weekend Fun, a Chunky Mini, and a New Ritual

I hope you are all enjoying a pleasant start to your weekend!  My husband has thoroughly prepared me for a first time viewing of the new Star Wars movie by having me watch ALL SIX of the previous episodes haha!    He picked up the set of DVD’s a few weeks ago and we’ve been making our way through them.  The ones with Luke and Hans were pretty good –  nice dose of humor throughout, and boy, does Hans epitomizes swagger!!!  I’m amazed that I didn’t fall asleep, because that is usually what happens as soon as I start watching “action” movies, no matter how good they are.  For the other 3 movies, I had to do knitting while watching so that I could stay awake.  Knitting always wakes me up.  Sadly, though, knitting didn’t stop me from gagging and eye rolling whenever I had to listen to cheesy dialogue between young Annikin (sp?) and Padme (sp?).   But now I know the entire story, and today we get to make an outing to see the new one in IMAX aw yeah boyeee!   I’m excited!  Have you seen it yet?

Anyway, my intent in blogging today was to share with you the fun I’ve been having with an Instax camera that I got during the holidays – I love it!  Having a photo in hand within moments of shooting it, not really worrying about exposure, resolution, editing, whatever, is getting me to scrap more, and what’s most personally fulfilling is that it’s getting me to write more – I’ve been in a slump for awhile and I am coming back now!  The film isn’t cheap, but I allow myself to take only one photo per day, and however it turns out, that’s the one I use to journal.


While playing with my new toy, I realized that some new dies I recently aquired would make a perfect, truly mini, mini album for these instant photos!  More on this project at Sizzix today!

I’ve also been using my new Instax instant camera doing the “365Grateful” Project.  Will post more on that this coming week!  Until then, check out the movement this woman has created.  I posted a link to it on my Facebook Page awhile back so you might remember my initial excitement about it.   Through the doing of it, I’m finding that I like it most of all because I’m intentionally putting myself in a grateful mindset throughout my day, concentrating on what I’m grateful for, and there really is so much.  Doing this “project,” having something tangible to work with while I carry out the project and being able to read through what I’ve written cumulatively has been a really great experience so far, like, dare I say, life-changing?  I hope you’ll check it out and consider doing it, too!



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