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DIY Energizing Herb Pillow

I have an incredibly sensitive nose.  Sometimes that’s a blessing.  Sometimes it really isn’t.  But when I’m out back checking out how things are going in the home orchard, seeing what’s in bloom, taking a second to sniff, it’s all good.  Right now, not much is in bloom except for some dandelions, which I’m leaving alone so that the bees can get some food, some Lithodora, and a little patch of Reseda odorata that I started from seed.  This gives me a chance to really get up close and personal with a small patch of thyme, which I also started from seed.  Folks, I love this scent.  It’s such a refreshing, clean smell.  I wish I could bottle it up and make it into a perfume for myself.

As I endeavored to craft a scented pillow, I originally thought I’d get some lavender and stuff my pillow with it because that’s what everyone uses, right?  Well, I’m glad I wasn’t able to acquire any lavender because I realized while shopping around for it that I actually prefer the scent of thyme.  I have plenty of that growing out back, and it’s free!

VivianKehHerbalPillow_1To start, I die-cut some fabric hearts with my new Hearts #6 die from Sizzix.  You guys know that you can cut fabric with the Bigz dies, right? Many sturdier fabrics will cut easily.  But mine was flimsier, so I ironed on some fusible interfacing before sending it through my Big Shot.


As you can see in the photo above, your sandwich can’t be easier with the Bigz dies – place the die and fabric between your Cutting Pads (on sale today for 40% off fyi), then send the sandwich through your Big Shot.


Ahh so much crafty satisfaction admiring the clean cuts!


I used some embroidery floss to hand stitch my hearts onto a canvas backing.  I won’t lie this part took some time.  But there really is no way to replicate this handmade look that I adore, imperfections and all.  The shimmer and texture in the floss please the knitter in me so very much.


To create a bit of puff, I placed just a little plush fiber behind my die-cut before stitching it to my canvas backing.


For the pillow, I just folded a piece of canvas in half, stitched all around with a sewing machine making sure to leave a large gap through which I could turn the pillow right side out.  I notched the corners, and trimmed the excess off the edges before turning it.


Then once the right side was turned out, I used a pin to pull the corners fully out.


This thyme smells amazing!  When I put my pillow up to my face and give it a squeeze, it totally wakes me up!



In addition to the fiber fill, I threw my fabric scraps in there, too.  No waste.  OK, confession to make.


I also threw in stuffing from dog toys that had been ripped open by a certain yellow lab named Lucy.  If the pillows weren’t for me, of course I’d use the bag of clean fill!  But the stuffing was still in good… decent shape, those dogs are all over me all the time, so I know I already share their complete microbiomes.  I know you are saying, “Ewwwww!” to yourself.   Well it is what it is haha!


After filling with the thyme, stuffing, and fabric scraps, I stitched  up the gap.


And I now have an energizing oh so cute herbal pillow to enjoy.


The card, made with another Bigz from the same collection, Layered Valentine


And the cookie, packaged as above using the Pocket, Heart die, are both for my forever valentine, my hubbie aka JRC.  Love themed Carta Bella patterned papers that I had purchased arrived just in time for me to make these projects!  The muted grey blue pattern is in my opinion, swoon-worthy!


Thanks for stopping by today.  Plant some thyme, friends.  Start it from seed for the biggest reward.  It’s so easy.  And the effort pays off so many times over.



4 thoughts on “DIY Energizing Herb Pillow

  1. This is so pretty…love your pillow…I would put lavender in mine for sure for nighttime…but I can see what the thyme does also…thank you so much for the tutorial…

  2. This is soo pretty! Now I have another idea for my heart die. I’m not that wild about lavender. My yard has sage! I don’t think I would want that in a comforting pillow though!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love Rosemary but don’t know (or can’t recall) what thyme smells like. Must get down to my local garden centre. AND THEN MAKE A LOVELY PILLOW LIKE YOURS…………

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