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Homemade Dog Food

I post about my pets quite a bit on my Facebook Page and on Instagram.  If you aren’t an animal lover, then what’s wrong with you?  Just kidding.  But if you aren’t an animal lover, you might get annoyed.  Our animals share so much pure joy and love in abundance, I think they are angels in dog form.  So I want to do my best to make sure they live healthy, happy, very long lives!  They are a huge part of my life, so I express that joyfully on the web 🙂

I posted a pic of some freshly made dog food last night and there was some interest in it.  So I’m just popping in really quickly today to share with you a great resource that was recommended to me by a holistically minded friend back when I got my first dog, Mabu, over ten years ago.


I used it exclusively to prepare a well-balanced diet for him.  As our pet family has grown and I’ve become more knowledgeable/experienced, I’ve felt confident about switching it up ever so slightly with each batch, so as not to disturb their tummies. The book is titled, Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Regarding time commitment, honestly, when I was working double shifts, not sleeping enough, and just plain pooped, it didn’t feel like a big deal at all.  When Pupusa the Little Dog came along, well, that was really no extra labor – her portion is 1/4 C.


Now my lifestyle is much less crazy, but I have three dogs to feed.  And our most recent adoptee, Tupelo Lucy the Yellow Lab is more like two dogs in one.


Look at all that skin!


I feed a high quality storebought food for breakfast and then they get homemade dinners.  For us, the food preparation happens approximately twice a week.  But I have the time, and it’s an effort I’m happy to make.  Sometimes cooking up a big batch of an element like beans and freezing in portions helps save time.  You should see how they all sit so patiently beside me while I prepare the food – it’s the most adorable thing.  I even have a special song that I sing when I’m close to finishing.  They howl in unison and Lucy starts running around like her body can’t keep up!  It’s hysterical!




4 thoughts on “Homemade Dog Food

  1. Homemade dog food is better than commercial depending upon the knowledge of the owner. This is an informative blog that will be useful for those who prefer to make their dogs a homemade food instead of buying commercial dog food. Aside from it is made with TLC, only the best and fresh ingredients will be added unlike the one we buy. We’re not really sure if a certain (or many) ingredient/s is/are good for the dogs as some may trigger diseases.

    • Hi Sonia! I agree that the owner must do his/her research. I have relied on a few pet food cookbooks/resources for several years and at this point feel that I can improvise a little from the original recipe, like switch the veggie one week, switch the whole grain another week or use organic potatoes, switch the meat another week. Even then, whenever I give them homemade, I also add doggie vitamin powder, make sure there is a calcium source in the right proportion, and choose my oils wisely. These days it’s a fish oil from Nordic Naturals specifically for dogs. Ultimately, though, my gut tells me fresh is always better. And by changing things up slightly here and there, the furry babies get a healthy variety.

  2. I made my pups food for a few years (their teeth fell out as they grew older, as often happens with yorkies). They are gone now but they had long lives (one lived to be almost 16 – very old for a yorkie!). It’s so kind of you to make them such good food. I’m hoping to get another puppy or two one day but I’m not ready yet. Thanks for sharing your stories, and I’m loving your crafts!

    • Hi Mary! I’m 100% sure that my little one is half yorkie. While her fur is grey and wiry, her body and face are very much yorkie, and man, what a bundle of personality! I often say to myself, “How can so much be going on in such a little dog?” She’s the smartest of our three dogs. These little ones become sooooo intimately close to us, I can imagine how you would need time to mourn. Looking forward to the day you are ready to welcome new furry babies into your life. Thanks for the compliments on my crafting!

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