A Blog Hop for Tammy Tutterow

Today is a very special one for the design team members at Sizzix because we get an opportunity to honor our Design Team Leader/ Community Manager, Tammy Hall Tutterow.  Since I joined the team this spring, I’ve had a chance to witness Tammy’s incredible work ethic, her commitment to  the crafting community, the love and concern she shows for our team, and lastly how darn talented and prolific a crafter she is in her own right!

So several of the Sizzix designers and I made projects to honor Tammy and show her our heartfelt thanks.  You will see along the hop mostly tags in the diverse range of styles which make our team so special.   All of these projects shall all reach her by post shortly.  This is mine.


Getting to know Tammy, I have learned that she loves the garden, too. So I crushed some dried Queen Anne’s Lace blossoms between my palms, and sprinkled them onto my stenciled texture paste while the medium was still wet.


I started these flowers from seed very easily this spring and, folks, the beneficial insects go bonkers over this stuff, literally swarming the umbels- I think the large flat landing strip blossoms  are attractive to all sorts of lovely bugs because they can sit on top and dine comfortably on nectar. It’s quite a feeling to stand amidst all that buzzing energy and to know I’ve planted something that sustains life.  In a sense, Tammy is like the gardener, working tirelessly to sustain us, to provide a structure which allows us to do our best, and to support us in every way she can.   Love you, Tammy Hall Tutterow!

Since my texture was peach and silver, I kept the same palette in my blossom.  I used the same technique illustrated in my Wellness Journal video that you may have seen me post last week with Sizzix.


Silver leaves intermingled with some burnt iridescent fibers that I had tied up top…


Thank you, Tammy, for all the hard work you do to make Sizzix the best company it can be, and for your devotion to supporting, encouraging, and strengthening this team.  It’s an honor to work with you.

Here are all the stops on today’s surprise Thank You Tammy Blog Hop!

Aida Haron
Anna-Karin Evaldsson
Catherine Matthews-Scanlon
Jan Hobbins
Jeanne Streiff
Leica Forrest
Mou Saha
Tiffany Johnson
Vivian Sung Soon Keh-Hue


19 thoughts on “A Blog Hop for Tammy Tutterow

  1. Vivian — This is incredible. Simply an inspired idea to crush the Queen Anne’s Lace over the texture pace. The resulting texture is really gorgeous. It makes the stenciled image pop and is the perfect backdrop for your blossom. Thanks for sharing your garden with us … it sustains life and is now and inspiration for us. I have a feeling Tammy will love this. What a fantastic way to say thanks to her. — Mary Elizabeth

  2. Oh my, this is so incredibly stunning. Thank you for putting so much of your heart and soul into this project and into all of your art. I am so blessed to work along side you and to call you a friend. Thank you for all that you do!

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  4. Your tag is lovely–and the crushed Queen Anne’s lace is a fun embellishment! Your tribute to Tammy is very touching.

  5. Vivian, this tag is perfect for Tammy. Her creations are amazing, I love it when she creates fabric flowers. Queen Anne’s lace is one of my favourite flowers, I love to add it to bouquets. Adding the seed is a beautiful textural element. The tag is beautiful. Thank you for sharing and for honouring Tammy, she is an amazing artist and coordinator.
    Jacquelene L

  6. Love love it. I have just come across your lovely work an I have a stack of mulberry paper just itching to use! Thankyou for the inspiration Carole Eaton New Zealand

  7. Wow, this tag is way cool. Love IT! I know Tammy will appreciate the creativity that you put into it, as well. Great Team Leader = Great Team! We are lucky to be able to enjoy all that wonderful art and tutorials that you ladies share. Thank you so very much!

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