Drawing and Painting That’s EZ

Hello, friends!  I am having a great time with my mom.  The whole family, including all of our furry babies made the drive out to Vegas – we ended up being on the road for a crazy 10 hours and my back was not happy at all.  But we are here and settling in.  I love the local life here!!!  It’s unseasonally cool and drizzly, which is a plus!  But, instilling some fun into daily life for my mom which doesn’t involve the craft room (she’s not as into it as I am) has been a challenge.  At the end of the day I am pooped!  But I did manage to shoot this video and narrate it in the late evenings while my mom slept.  I was a little bit sleepy myself while I narrated, so you get to hear sleepy Vivian voice :-/

I’ve heard from a bunch of you that life drawing, drawing in general are not areas in which you have much interest.  From my own personal experience, I know that without practice the accuracy of my drawing eye weakens, for sure.  So I thought I’d share a crazy easy drawing/ painting exercise – grapes on the vine!!!  This video was very much inspired by what I have learned from the watercolor artist, Lian Quan Zhen, who was introduced to me by my watercolor teacher when I lived in Los Angeles, Deborah Swan McDonald.

I used all the ingredients from Scraps of Darkness’ August “Rustic” Kit to make this video, which I hope you will enjoy!  Here are some shots for you.  The full painting, on watercolor paper from the Color Add-on…


A detail of the grape leaves…


And the grapes over a base layer of misted patterns – using watercolor pencils offers a level of control that’s nice if your find pure watercolor paint intimidating.


I hope you have an opportunity to watch it and that it inspires your activity in the studio!

Thanks so much for your support – Vivian!

24 thoughts on “Drawing and Painting That’s EZ

  1. I love to watch drawing and sketching – I learn something every time I watch it done. I also love to watch your videos and recorded thought process. Thanks for your sharing and inspiration.

    • I forgot to say your watercolor is so beautiful – I wish I could reach out and pluck one of the grapes they are so juicy looking and I love the color variety and richness they you achieved.

      • thank you, mary! i’m so glad that you found inspiration in this last video. i was so tired while narrating i was afraid it would make viewers fall asleep lol!

  2. Hello Vivian, thank you so much for sharing this video – it is quite inspirational! I am enthused to get my water colour pencils out again after a bit of a retirement phase and to see if I can achieve the depth of colour you have here. 🙂

    • thanks so much! i find the pencil pigment goes down in a much more satisfying manner when the surface is nicely wet first. then i can use a light hand as i apply the color. hope you will share your project with me!

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  4. As usual I cant tell you how much I LOVE and enjoy your inspirational videos. You are truly a gifted artist. So happy I found your blog a while ago and can soak up some inspiration.
    Also impressive that you found time and energy to make this tutorial after a long busy day. Hope you enjoy your stay with your mum. Thanks a lot for all your lovely tutorials.
    Hugs from SPAIN

  5. Oh, please don’t stop videoing your watercolor drawing/painting. It is my absolute favorite medium and am learning so much from watching you. I wish I could have you teach me for even a day! Thanks for all the creative inspiration.

  6. I love watching you do watercolor and I really want to do this. I agree with Linda, would love for you to teach a class that I could attend. What is the name of the author of the book you mention about watercoloring grapes? What color of pencils are you using, the name of the stencil? So many questions.! 🙂

  7. WOW gorgeous, stunning. You make using watercolors look so easy. I love watercolors but find it very hard to use. Keep making videos!! I’ve learned quite of bit from this one!

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