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Organic Spring Tags

Hello, friends!  Lately, I have been busy doing all the things I love.  I crafted a few projects during the weekend and submit them for publication!  I would appreciate it greatly if you’d keep your fingers crossed for me on that one.  I was also able to plant a few more trees in the garden yesterday (oh my aching back) – a pluot that has 4 different varieties grafted onto one(!!!), and 2 young European plum trees that arrived yesterday morning.  Those 2 were planted very close together to encourage cross pollination.  My father-in-law generously sent me some literature on grafting, so I’m hoping to bud graft a few varieties of peaches onto our one tree this summer so that down the line, we can have a steady stream of yummies throughout the growing season.  So fun.

If you are curious, on my facebook page, I posted a few pix of what’s happening in the garden right now.

SunbleachedPoppiesVivianKeh_WI found the sun-bleaching on these poppies absolutely stunning.  Hoping to get out there for a bit today and capture a few more photos to inspire your art and craft.


Onto other news, today I am featured on the Core’dinations blog with some spring inspired mixed media tags.   Hope you will visit me there for the how-to and supplies.

6 thoughts on “Organic Spring Tags

  1. Your garden is beautiful. Missing your peas. 🙂 love the tags! Hope to craft soon. Or garden, mine needs help. 🙂

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