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Hello, my friends!  My mother came to stay with me for about a month, and since it was a rare opportunity to spend quality time with her, I decided to put some of my other commitments to the side for a bit while she was in town.  Hence, the relative quiet here on the blog.  During her stay, we ate a lot of Korean food.   She taught me how to make a few more traditional dishes.  We did a good amount of gardening/weeding together as well as exercise – I’m impressed at how well she’s doing at 80!  To top it all off, hubbie generously offered to baby-sit the three dogs so that she and I could take a short trip to Las Vegas.   Mom and I went to the Korean mall there and picked up a few of our newest favorite thing – visors.  We laughed so hard together when she put on this one and I called her a Korean Little Bo Peep haha!


But wait a second.

Did Vivian say THREE DOGS?

Yes, Mom brought along her little chub muffin, Fiona, and that adorable little dog spent the entire visit trying to figure out how to dominate everyone.  So naughty and yet so cute!   Here she is lodging her sausage body on the arm of the sofa so that she could be up higher and superior to the other dogs.  That piercing stare of hers is hysterical and just about says it all.


Now we are missing her.  And we hear from her Service Human that after experiencing doggie haven here with us, she was depressed for a few days once she got back home to Florida.

But folks, the excitement continues – my brother’s yellow lab is set to arrive tomorrow, sans humans, and she will stay with us for the summer!  I am currently trying to figure out how to make her feel at home – she’s never met us before and I don’t want her to think she’s been abandoned.   And I’m also thinking about what I can do so that our own pets are OK with it, too.  So if you guys have any tips in this department, they’d be much appreciated!

Since Mom and Fiona’s departure, I’ve had a chance to return to the studio and get painty.  I have a media heavy post and video coming up at the end of the month.  But until then, I’d like to share with you some fun I’ve just had with my scraps!  You may remember awhile back, I used my Art Wheel with a variety of iZinks from Clearsnap to blend vibrant colors on paper.  Well, I did a bunch of those and had saved some yummy pieces that had been cut away from other projects.  In a recent post, Coming Back to White,  I played with embossing folders and dies in Brenda Walton’s new collection with Sizzix, and upon my return to the studio, I reached for them again them to spruce up my mixed media scraps.  I then embossed the scrap strips using the Cascading Flowers Embossing Folder and the Roses Embossing Folder, loaded my Art Wheel with white pigment ink, and rolled over the debossed side of some scraps and the embossed side of other scraps.  Check out the results.


I love the imperfect coverage and how the debossed and embossed designs are highlighted while all those lovely blended colors still show through.  I took a long strip and placed it on a long card.  And then for embellishment, I die cut many beautiful shapes from one single Sizzix Thinlits set called Floral Wreath.  There are a whopping 23 dies in this set, and they are perfectly scaled for cards.


Here’s the Sizzix sandwich above – for the photo, I pulled back one of the cutting pads so you can see the layers more clearly.  Just sandwich these Thinlits dies and cardstock between your cutting pads and send it through your Big Shot with the Magnetic Platform.  With the Magnetic Platform, you can confidently place your small dies and know that they won’t fall off or move while die-cutting.

VivianKehEleganceFromScraps_CPlacing the elegant die-cuts along my media strip was a really enjoyable process – I love the look of white on white, and also how the style lines of the die-cuts soften the edges of my straight media strip.

VivianKehEleganceFromScraps_DI added just a touch of pearlescent bling that would mimic the colors of my scrap.  And as a final touch, I also did a little stitching with my sewing machine.

VivianKehElegantScrapCard_ASave your media scraps, folks!  Some of my all time favorite projects have been born from scraps.

VivianKehElegantScrapCard_BLovely die-cuts here that all came from one set.  I have a lovely bird perched at the base of my card, and if you check out my last post, you can see the beautiful designs on the butterfly dies that are also included in this set.

Happy crafting, folks.  Hope you’ll revisit your scrap box and find inspiration there for your next project!


7 thoughts on “Family, Dogs, Craft

  1. Vivian, make sure your brother brings some of his dog’s belongings such as his own bed. Any time my sister comes for more than a night or two, she brings her dogs beds. She has one that is a senior and it makes him feel secure when he has familiar scents around him.

    I love the pieces you posted. I’m going to have to look up those embossing folders!

  2. That card is absolutely beautiful! I love your animal friendliness, too. So glad you had the opportunity to spend quality time with your mom.

  3. Nice update!!!

    Have mommy and/or daddy sleep in a t shirt and leave e you. Doggie can cuddle w it and have their comforting scent the whole time away. Maybe even record them talking to doggy!


  4. Your mom’s sense of humor shines out of that photo! What a lovely lady.

    I saw that die set Floral Wreath on sale, but thought, “what would I do with that? I love your creations!

    I’m a bit better with companion animals than crafts. The tee shirt & the dog’s own bed are great suggestions. We humans are so visual, but pups experience the world through their noses. Pupusa & Mabu seem OK with canine company, but do they have any experience with large dogs? If you think there might be any tension, let them meet for the first time on neutral territory, all on leashes, and your babies one at a time. Don’t mean to alarm you; Labs are usually very laid back but you did say you’ve never met her. Also, avoid possible conflict by feeding separately and watch for other resource guarding: fav toys, resting spots, and even yourself (how is Pupusa about sharing Mom’s attention?) Most likely everything will be fine, and keep in mind that dogs primarily live in the moment and are highly adaptable. I predict your brother’s pooch will have a blast at Aunt Viv’s Summer Camp!

  5. What a beautiful smile! So happy that you got to spend some quality time with your Mom. Such a wonderful card created from scraps. The stitching adds a nice touch. Love the little zig zag in the middle.

  6. A really beautiful card, I love it. No way your Mom is 80 years, she looks gorgeous. I agree with the others about having an article of clothing that smells like your brother for the dog, I think it would be a comfort in strange surroundings.

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