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Joy From Within

Today was one of those much cherished days in which  I was able to do what I love, exactly what brings joy to my innermost being.  By the day’s end, while examining the results, I found myself appreciating how completely devoid this session was of any sense of “labor.”  It was all about inspiration, flow, and ease, and that is often not the case.  I felt a  joy that comes entirely from within, that has nothing to do with anyone’s recognition but my own.   As artists, artistics, anyone whose joys don’t mesh with popular standards of success, I think it’s really important to treasure these moments, to commit to regular “do what you love” sessions like the one I had today, to write your own standards for what makes life meaningful and good, and to do your best to let go of unkind words which you receive along the way.

I wish that each and every one of you will listen to your heart and invest the time and energy to discover how you, with your unique strengths and passions, can best fashion a beautiful life.  And if you are parents, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you will try to support and encourage your children to cultivate within themselves that which they love.  I truly believe that in doing so, the world will become an infinitely better place.

I want to share with you today the results of my aforementioned “Do What You Love” Session!

After shooting this video, I held these projects in the light, turning them this way and that, appreciating the subtle shine and how through just a little play, some beautiful designs revealed themselves.  See the layers of color and that subtle shimmer?

VivianKehDryEmbossingAndPaint_EI love the voluptuous curves of the script from the Elegant Script & Petite Floral Set.  Honestly, I yipped and jumped a little when my idea meshed with the result and I realized how dang easy it was to create this effect!

VivianKehDryEmbossingAndPaint_FThe design of this folder above from the Floral Tapestry & Sweet Blooms Set may be my favorite in the bunch – I love how the design clusters up top and dissipates into delicate fronds of leaves.

VivianKehDryEmbossingAndPaint_D1My tools helped create a pretty rippled texture and a depth of color. The cards above and below both use the Songbirds & Lattice Embossing Folder Set from Sizzix.

VivianKehDryEmbossingAndPaint_CThere was a comfort, dare I say jubilation, over beautiful imperfections.

VivianKehDryEmbossingAndPaint_BI hope you enjoy my quartet of cards and their accompanying video tutorial.  I think you will also feel like jumping for joy when you see how dang easy this technique is!


Have a great day, friends!


Gold String

25 thoughts on “Joy From Within

  1. Hey Viv… I just had to comment on this. I struggle so hard when it comes to covering something that I’ve embossed. I especially have a hard time with the 3D embossabilities.. they are so beautiful.. how do you cover it up! I always get stuck once they come out of the machine.. so I appreciate this post because you didn’t make it complicated and still came out with beautiful results. Thank you!

    • Hi Russell! Thanks for stopping by! I know how you feel – every time I dry emboss and pull my paper out of the folder, I get really happy 🙂 It really is beautiful just as is. You know what might help you feel like you can mess with it – maybe playing with scrap pieces? I go through a lot of paper and even the mistakes end up getting used somewhere down the line. At first I used to feel more precious about paper, but that has gone away somewhat over time. I’m glad you liked this video – it was very easy, and most of the paint went on before the emboss.

  2. These cards are so beautiful, Vivian! I haven’t had a chance to play with my IZINKs that I purchased, you have inspired me to pull them out and use them!

  3. Oh, my! These are beautiful…and I haven’t even watched the video yet! Okay, off to watch it now to see how you created these rich beauties.
    ~Terry Y.

  4. Gorgeous, Vivian! Love your colors, and depth/variation, and brilliant use of the art wheel to coat the high points of the dry embossing! Thanks for the video – always love watching you create!

  5. Hi Vivian! Beautiful words of wisdom and the cards are beyond stunning! I’m a big fan of your work and you have once more amazed but not surprised me with your talent! I can’t wait to watch the video! Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing! Ingrid x

  6. I am not surprised you “yipped” & “jumped” with your results here. These are absolutely gorgeous cards! Beautiful colourways, texture & dimension. Your words mean a lot too & I don’t mind admitting I read with some envy. It is such a long time since I have felt this way when creating. I think it’s partly why I’ve had to step away for a while. I know it’s because my mind is so full of other matters but where as I used to find escape with crafting, I now find the stress/frustration comes too. I am just hoping in time I can reach that serene, joyful place again by, as you pertain to, my own standards & letting go of any negatives. Mine is mostly self inflicted though so……
    Gosh, see how much your post has led me to say? Touched on something there, hmmmm.
    Your creations are always individual, fresh & inspiring. Tfs. C 🙂

    • sorry to hear you’re going through a rough patch, caroline. i hope the creative block passes soon. i’m glad this post resonated for you. i had actually written much more which i decided to delete, but just writing out my feelings helped me get through some difficulty i’ve been having with my parents recently – sadly problems that a lot of Korean Americans experience when they choose life paths that don’t mesh with their parents’ standards of success. it’s very hurtful to know you are not loved for who you are, but for what you do. i’m working through it, though, trying to learn something from it all. while i ended up deleting my personal burdens from the post, i kept the stuff that I thought might help folks. i find writing it all down often helps me get over the yucky humps of life. perhaps it will help you, too. hugs to you.

  7. Thanks Viv, for sharing so much beauty with us.. Your words also touched my heart, as my sould and mind at totally in line with the feeling you are conveying with us, I have personally felt it many times..What a unique, magical and timeless moments of feeling Joy Within.. Yes, every day after work (and even while at work) all I think is how much I need to do what I love..creating, creating, creating… Oooh!!.. Yesss.. Heart over mind, always!…
    Lots of love.

    • thank you, gloria. it’s so wonderful to know you have found your passion and that you are doing it. the positive energy you generate will ripple through the universe 🙂

  8. Hello Contadina! thank you! thank you! thank you for the wonderful video. Since the weather is terrible here in eastern Canada, I know what I will be doing today…. I will never see embossing folders in the same way. Your tips on getting the most out of them are great.

  9. I can’t find the words, I SO admire your creations – you are one truly talented artist. And we are super lucky that you share your art and tutorials with us! Thanks for the inspiration :o)

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