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Fresh, Eclectic, and Easy

I hesitate to make this confession to you, my artsy cardmaking enthusiast followers.  But I am often tardy with the cards that must be mailed.  I know!  It’s unacceptable!  I have no excuse lol!  But… as the old adage goes, “Better late than never.”  Even though it’s late, I think my aunt will like the card I crafted for her in my latest session in the studio.

VivianKehPeteHughesCards_AHiResI had a chance to play with 3 new dies from Pete Hughes’ “Elegance” collection with Sizzix – aren’t they distinctive?  And truly elegant?  While I’m completely bonkers over the “Regal Owl” die, I feel all three designs are symbolic of wonderful things.  And since my aunt is starting a “new life” moving into a new home, enduring the stresses of a such a big transition, the card on the left will be mailed out to her for her birthday, and yes, late :-/

For the video tutorial and some juicy details, come visit me at the Sizzix Blog today.  I hope my inspirations send you scurrying into your own creative space today to make a little of your unique magic!


2 thoughts on “Fresh, Eclectic, and Easy

  1. Lovely cards all. Butterflies are one of my favorites so I feel sure that butterfly die will come to my house. I love to make more than one card at a time so I will utilize your technique in the future. Thank you for sharing.

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